Three principles to ensure a secure remote workforce

A recent Okta report outlines how agencies can secure their remote and hybrid workforce while meeting new federal zero-trust security requirements.
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In many ways, 2020 served as an unintentional proof of concept for many organizations that workers can be just as productive at home as inside the office, according to a recent Okta report.

As agency leaders begin to look at a more permanent remote or hybrid-work future for some of their employees, they also need to consider both infrastructure and security modernization they will need to support the mission.

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“Agencies will need to modernize access…but also security, because attackers never standstill,” says Sean Frazier, federal CSO at Okta in the report.

The report, “The 3 Tenets of Enabling a Remote Government Workforce,” produced by Okta, outlines strategies for agency leaders to consider that will support a more permanent remote workforce built on the principals of zero trust.

As agencies continue down the road to modernizations, says Frazier in the report, they need to change both their infrastructure and their mindset to evolve with changing workforce needs. That includes modernizing the identity stack, focusing on usability and putting security first.

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