White House Crowdsourcing Section 508 Ideas

The White House is crowdsourcing ideas on how to improve the management of Section 508, a law requiring all agencies to make information technology accessible to people with disabilities.

“We’re looking for you to comment on what has been proposed, but also for you to propose broad management strategies, tactics, and actions that can ultimately help federal agencies better comply with Section 508,” said Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel in a blog post co-written with Office of Federal Procurement Policy Acting Administrator Lesley Field and Special Assistant to the President for Disability Policy Kareem Dale in a White House blog post.

“Some federal agencies have made great strides implementing Section 508 and have robust programs in place. This National Dialogue on the Strategy to Improve Management of Section 508 will help us learn from those agencies, build upon their success, incorporate best practices from private industry, get feedback from academia, consider personal experiences and focus on the areas that need the most attention,” the post says.

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