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The federal government launched a new portal Monday aimed at expanding public access to information requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

The National Archives, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Commerce partnerned to develop the system, called FOIAonline, formerly known as the FOIA Module.

FOIAonline offers the public one place to submit FOIA requests, track their progress, communicate with the processing agency, search other requests, access previously released responsive documents and file appeals with participating agencies

For agencies, FOIAonline provides a secure website to receive and store requests, assign and process requests, post responses, generate metrics, manage records electronically, create management reports and electronically generate the annual report required from each agency by FOIA.

  • John Q.

    Why do we need and What’s the difference? I though GSA wanted to reduce overlapping domains? They probably don’t even link to each other.

  • John Doe

    How will it be any better than this one that exists already? –>

    So, EPA and Justice can’t work together? What signal does that send to the American people? Wow. Duplication. On top of that, how do we know this will be a better managed government program than Justice? Is it going to use the resources ($ or staff of as implied with the

    GSA does want to reduce overlapping domains. EPA is obviously trying to pull a fast one and get around it. Mismanagement or waste of spam anyone?