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The Department of Defense announced Thursday it signed a three-year, $617 million joint enterprise license agreement for Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office 2013, SharePoint 2013 and Windows 8.

According to the American Forces Press Service, the deal, a joint effort between the Army, Air Force and Defense Information Systems Agency, “demonstrates the best pricing DOD has received to date for Microsoft desktop and server software licenses.”

Army Deputy Chief Information Officer Michael Krieger said the Army will save more than $70 million each year over the course of the agreement. Air Force CIO Lt. Gen. Michael J. Basla said it will save Air Force $50 million a year.

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  • mike.l

    Incredible waste of tax dollars when there are free alternates available

    • -.-U

      Do you really think it is safe to run the Department of Defense systems on open source software? Who is accountable for day 0 security issues if any are found? Can you even push for such a patch if needed?

      Let me give you an analogy….Would you put brakes without brand and unknown manufacturer on your car if they were free?

      • walkingricshaw

        Actually, software and brakes are like apples and oranges. With Open Source Software you can review and change the code in an effort to make it more secure. There are a good number of applications being run at many different levels that are open source. It is actually the closed source software that causes the majority of the problems. (Like the ship that ran Windows NT and had to be towed back to port)
        And software that runs abysmally slow as to impede actual operations.

  • William Reed

    hmm… i wonder how long it will take for MS to bleed-out with these deep discounted under-bids