Oracle cloud authorized to host top secret data for DOD

Oracle has been cleared to host some of the DOD's most sensitive data in its national security cloud systems.
The Oracle logo on an office building in Irvine, California. (REUTERS / Mike Blake)

Oracle’s cloud tech can now host some of the Air Force’s most sensitive data, the company announced Tuesday.

Oracle cloud is now authorized to host top secret/sensitive compartmentalized information (TS/SCI) and special access program data, according to the company. Its accreditation applies to Air Force for now.

The company built special “National Security Regions” that are walled off from the open internet to ward of adversaries attempting to access sensitive data hosted in the cloud. Oracle said its systems also include strong encryption and security controls and in-depth auditing.

“DoD assessors granted the Authority to Operate (ATO) which will enable secure processing of some of the Air Force’s most sensitive data,” the company said in its press release.


Oracle is already used across the DOD at other security levels known as “Impact Levels.” Some of its tech offerings already being used include data base cloud services and data analysis tools, the company said.

Obtaining an ATO is often the most time consuming part of deploying a new technical system or piece of software across the DOD. It is a formal declaration by a designated authority that explicitly accepts risk to agency operations.

Microsoft and Amazon Web Services have previously said they have also been accredited to host highly sensitive data.

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