Agencies’ grades climb in third FITARA scorecard

​​Twelve agencies have improved in the third set of grading tied to implementing the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act, set to be released Tuesday​, FedScoop has learned.
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Twelve agencies have improved in the third set of grading tied to implementing the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act, which is set to be released Tuesday, FedScoop has learned.

Only one agency’s letter grade actually declined, according to information on the scorecard provided to FedScoop. And 11 agencies maintained their letter grades.

“Since our last hearing in May, I am encouraged by how quickly the administration and the majority of federal agencies have embraced this effort,” said Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., in prepared remarks provided to FedScoop in advance of Tuesday’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the latest scorecard. Connolly co-authored the FITARA legislation with Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

Connolly’s remarks for the hearing also note the committee has received “favorable feedback from the agency CIOs on the components of the scorecard,” but noted that “there is always room to improve the metrics.”


“The enormous amount of feedback we have received thus far from our stakeholders is proof agencies are taking FITARA implementation seriously,” he said in his remarks.

But the work to implement FITARA isn’t over. No agencies received an “A” overall, and five agencies received a “D.” Like the last scorecard, only one agency received an “F” in the December round of grading.

In the May scorecard, that agency was NASA.

More agencies did receive a passing grade or above in the soon-to-be-released round of grading. In the May scorecard one agency received a “B” and half of the 24 CFO act agencies received a “C.”

In the scorecard to be released Tuesday, eight agencies received a “B” and 10 agencies received a “C.”


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Connolly’s remarks in particular took issue with “a lack of perceived support for FITARA implementation many CIOs have experienced with their agency leadership.”

“I find it unacceptable for any of the agencies to be working against the intent of FITARA,” he said. “Secretaries ignoring the critical role of CIOs in FITARA implementation and in directing IT investment defeats the purpose of the legislation.  We have found that some agencies are struggling to elevate the CIO position to its appropriate management level.”

Check back with FedScoop tomorrow for the full report on the third FITARA scorecard.

The hearing on the new scorecard will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at 2154 Rayburn House Office Building.

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