Army Awards Contracts for NextGen Fighting Vehicles

The Army awarded BAE Systems and General Dynamics with contracts to develop designs for the next generation of Army Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

BAE’s contract is for $449.9 million while General Dynamics is for $439.7 million. Both contracts are for two years.

“The Army enthusiastically welcomes the formal launch of the Ground Combat Vehicle program, which will provide much needed protection and mobility to soldiers in combat,” said Secretary of the Army John McHugh. “Given the economic environment the nation currently faces, the Army recognizes that it is imperative to continually address requirements as we build a versatile, yet affordable, next-generation infantry fighting vehicle.”

The contract awards follow the Defense Department’s approval for the Ground Combat Vehicle program to enter the technology development phase. The GCV program in total is expected to be completed in seven years with the Army hoping to have the time necessary to design, develop, build and test the next-generation of infantry fighting vehicles.


According to the DoD, the first phase will have three prongs. First, contractors will work collaboratively with the Army to develop competitive, best-value engineering designs to meet critical Army needs. Concurrently, the Army will initiate an update to its GCV IFV analysis of alternatives and conduct separate technical and operational assessment of existing non-developmental vehicles. Results from this assessment, along with contractors design efforts, will inform GCV requirements to support the next program milestone and facilitate a full and open competition for the next phase of the GCV program.

“This is an important milestone in our Army’s modernization program. GCV is the first combat vehicle designed from inception for an IED environment. It will provide armor protection and the capability to maneuver cross-country with the nine-man infantry squad,” said Army Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey.

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