Army Contracting Command CIO Discusses IT Business Processes


The Army Contracting Command is consistently looking for ways to combine technology with its business processes, avoiding the stove-piped systems that separated the two areas for years, ACC Chief Information Officer Gino Magnifico told FedScoop Radio in a recent interview.

Magnifico said his office, and the Army in general, has made an effort the past two or three areas to bring the requirements for business processes into the development of an application, so that later those requirements can be tailored to the right platform.

“It’s making us more effective from a cost savings and a mission execution standpoint,” Magnifico said.


The Army Contracting Command is one of the department’s newest commands, set up a little more than three years ago. It processes roughly $93 billion worth of contracts per year, about 70 percent of all Army contracts and roughly 1/6th of the federal contracting budget, Magnifico said. The command features 117 installations all over the world with Magnifico’s office based in Huntsville, Ala.

Magnifico says that the ACC’s field organizations are on a constant refresh rotation with each group getting updated every three to five years. That structure allows them to react to the information technology trends of the time.

For more from Magnifico, listen to his interview with FedScoop Radio.

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