Army PEO EIS Upcoming Opportunities

Even with the cuts mentioned in our other story, there are still plenty of upcoming opportunities within the various program management offices of PEO EIS.

Below we list a number of opportunities provided by Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) PM Brendan Burke, Power Project Enablers (P2E) PM LC Michael Devine, Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Project Director Kenneth Fritzsche and Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (DCATS) PM Col Jeffery Mockensturm.



Communications and Transmission Systems (CTS) contract:

  • Scope: Provide comprehensive systems and services for DCATS programs
  • Anticipated RFP Release: Q4FY11
  • Anticipated Vehicle: Multi-award, IDIQ with a small business reserve
  • On the web:

Land Mobile Radios Systems (LMRS)

  • Scope: Engineer, furnish, install, test (EFI&T) LRM Systems, including Subscriber Unit Equipment (Portable, Mobile and Desktop Units); Site Preparation, Meeting DoD Information Assurance Requirement (DIACAP; Training (System and Subscriber Unit); Life Cycle Support of Fielded Systems; and Technical Assistant to include system operation and management
  • Anticipated RFP release: Q3FY11
  • Anticipated Vehicle: Full and Open



Facilities & Information Technology (IT) Services Contract

  • Scope: PMO Local Area Network Management, Desktop Support and Facilities Management
  • Anticipated RFP Release: Q3FY 11
  • Anticipated Vehicle: Full and Open or an Existing IT Services Contract

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Contract

  • Scope: PMO Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance, Support, Independent Verification & Validation Support & Strategic Communications, Training, Marketing and Outreach Support
  • Anticipated RFP Release: Q3FY11
  • Anticipated Vehicle: Full and Open or an Existing IT Services Contract

Enterprise Services Operations and Maintenance

  • Scope: Management Services, including Task Order Management, Project Management, Service Delivery Management
  • Systems Operations and Maintenance (NIPR/SIPR) including Service Operations and Maintenance, Data Center Management and Operations (Development, Test, Staging, Productin, Systems and Performance Management and Monitoring Hardware, Software and Application Migration, Application Hosting and Support
  • System Development, Engineering and Enhancement (NIPR/SIPR), including Requirements Analysis, Solution/System Design and Production Selection, Application Integration, System Integration and Implementation
  • Anticipated RFP Release: Q1FY12
  • Vehicle: Full and Open


Information Technology Enterprise Solutions-Hardware (ITES-3H)

  • Scope: State-of-the-art equipment and related services including integration for worldwide support consisting of the following catalogs: Servers, Workstations, Thin Clients, Desktops and Notebooks; Storage Systems, Networking Equipment, Network Printers, Cables, Connectors and Accessories, Video Equipment Products; Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Anticipated Industry Day: FY11
  • Anticipated RFP Release: Q4FY11 or Q1FY12
  • Anticipated Vehicle: Full and Open
  • Anticipated Awards: 8 (with three small business reserved)
  • Period of Performance: 3-year base; two one-year options


Afghanistan– Bagram Air Force Base

  • Scope: Two projects, Outside Plant, Transmission Systems
  • Anticipated RFP Release: 4Q11 – 1Q12
  • Vehicle(s): TBD (1); ACC-NCRCC (1)

Afghanistan – Kabul

  • Scope: 10 Projects, Outside Plant/Inside Plant, Data
  • Anticipated RFP Release: 4Q11 – 2Q12
  • Vehicle(s): BPA-RICC (4); ESS IDIQ – USACE Philadelphia (3); TBD (3)

Afghanistan – Kandahar Air Field

  • Scope: 5 projects, Outside Plant/Inside Plant, Data, Voice
  • Anticipated RFP Release Date: 3Q11 – 1Q12
  • Vehicle(s): BPA-RICC (2); ESS IDIQ – USACE Philadelphia (3)

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