David Shive

David Shive is no stranger to being a Best Boss in Federal IT. A repeat honoree on the annual list of top leaders in the federal IT community, Shive, the CIO of the General Services Administration, is focused on “delivering value and savings in real estate, acquisition, technology, and other mission-support services across government through secure and resilient technology solutions.” A big part of that comes in the push to modernize GSA’s cybersecurity through zero trust. “We are evolving from our traditional perimeter-based, compliance-oriented model to a Zero Trust Architecture that considers resources and access as fundamentally untrusted,” Shive told FedScoop in an email earlier this year. “By implementing [cybersecurity] modernization efforts, GSA will improve user experience through seamless global connection to GSA-managed environments and applications while maintaining ZTA principles. It will improve cybersecurity capabilities to continually verify the security of users, devices, applications, and data as well as achieve broad-based visibility across the GSA ecosystem with enhanced capabilities leveraging automation to manage and respond to threats in real-time.”

Amrita Datar

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