Tony D’Angelo

Vice President of Public Sector, Lookout

To be a good leader, communication is key, said Tony D’Angelo, vice president of public sector at Lookout. However, he argues that listening is just as important. “A good listener will solicit input from a wide variety of people who have varying roles within the organization. This does a couple of things: It allows you to gain a unique perspective from each individual based on job function and their vantage point. It also shows the extended team that you are willing to take input before making judgments and important decisions,” D’Angelo said. In supporting the federal government’s many very important missions, D’Angelo takes his role with Lookout very seriously. “While we may not be on the front lines of defense, law enforcement, healthcare, or any other crucial government function, we see ourselves as every bit a critical component of the mission,” he said. “We work tirelessly to mitigate any data loss or compromising of networks and devices which could substantially impact our customers’ missions. While I feel my team is as emotionally invested in our role as I am, I often remind them why we’re here and what function we play in the overall mission of our federal government partners.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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