Dean Scontras

Industry Leadership of the Year

Duo Security’s federal team spent most of the past year focused on how it could help agencies move securely to remote work. Dean Scontras helped lead that effort as regional vice president of public sector, and he’s extremely proud of the work his team did “on the frontlines.” Scontras, who’s since moved on from Duo, called COVID-19 “a forcing function when it comes to cloud — especially cloud security… The pandemic kind of revealed some of the challenges around that. How do you issue PIV cards when nobody can go get a card, or how do you set up a VPN when the supply chain is now at a standstill?” The past year, he said, really shows how important identity and access management are to a modern federal government. “Whoever resolves this identity and access management challenge the best, the soonest can really transform the way government does business,” Scontras said.

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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