Sonny Hashmi

Commissioner, Federal Acquisition Service, General Services Administration

Sonny Hashmi’s biggest focus is ensuring American Recovery Plan and American Jobs Plan funds for IT modernization are managed effectively and lead to better outcomes for citizens. Hashmi’s FAS is helping finalize the revamped process for distributing the $1 billion added to the Technology Modernization Fund. “Over the next year we want to make sure that operation is streamlined,” Hashmi said. A second area of focus for his team is cybersecurity and developing the right mechanisms to collect data from the supply chain in coordination with CISA, DHS, NSC and others. FAS can become the “premier supply chain manager” for the government, and data is key, Hashmi said. “We are using data to do supply chain risk management, using data to create new opportunities for small businesses,” he said. “We are using data to figure out where people get stuck in the process.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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