Brocade’s Scott Pearson on big data

Scott Pearson, director of big data solutions, Brocade, discusses big data and government in this interview with FedScoopTV.

“Networks are really important. I call it the intersection or the core of big data; it’s where applications and hardware basically meet. Networks are crucial to analyze, manage, transport and compute big data. There’s several places where they’re inside the cluster or inside of the compute system and also ancillary networks — but they’re not ancillary, they’re important in the data center. A lot of times when we see a big-data deployment, they’ll be in a Hadoop cluster or other compute systems. It’s a compelling event in the data center, where there’ll be other network opportunities such as data distribution networks in REN networks, research and education networks, securing large data sets, not only cross-country, across the world, but also computing them, analyzing them.”

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