Census Infographic Compares 1940 to 2010

The Census Bureau released an infographic comparing population data of 1940 with that of 2010, the most recent year of the census. The release is in coordination with the Census Bureau’s publication of the 1940 census online on April 2.

The National Archives has digitized the entire census, creating more than 3.8 million digital images of census schedules, maps and enumeration district descriptions.

Users will be able to search, browse and download the 1940 census schedules, free of charge, from their own computers or from the public computers at National Archives locations nationwide at

The National Archives has teamed up with the U.S. Census Bureau to celebrate “40 Days to the ’40 Census.” Using social media channels to post videos, images, facts and links to workshops nationwide, the National Archives is getting its researchers ready for the online launch.




David Stegon

Written by David Stegon

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