Chopra Continues Quora Engagement with Education, Energy, Health IT Questions

Federal Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra posted three follow-up questions on Quora, asking the American people for ideas on how to support entrepreneurship in education, energy and healthcare.

Chopra originally surveyed the Quora community in December and said the results have been “thoughtful, wide ranging and inspiring.”

From the White House blog:

  • On the subject of learning technologies, respondents had ideas to increase the flexibility of existing funds, spread best practices of what works, and improve basic infrastructure.  And a number of respondents provided feedback about reducing bureaucracy and empowering teachers.
  • On the subject of clean energy technologies, respondents had ideas on how the US Government could support consumer awareness of clean energy, be an anchor customer, and invest in research and development. Respondents also suggested including negative externality costs into the price of fossil fuels, and were adamant that government not pick a “winning technology.”
  • On the subject of health care IT, respondents proposed ideas to promote interoperability standards, ensure a greater focus on the end user experience, share industry best practices, and measure the impact of specific technologies.

To continue the discussion, Chopra asked three more questions:

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