CNN profiles CIA CIO

Central Intelligence Agency Chief Information Officer Jeanne Tisinger was profiled on CNN as part of the network’s Security Clearance “Case File” series that profiles key members of the intelligence community, and the role women play in the U.S. intelligence agency.

On whether she sees herself as an intel officer managing technology or a technologist working in intel:

“My DNA is shaped as an intel officer first. So I actually don’t see myself as a business major or a technologist, or I should say I don’t define myself that way. I see myself as an intel officer. All of us are here to support the intel mission.”

On if she ever thought of leaving the agency:


“As I think about my job, as a CIO, it’s all about the information we can bring to bear. I can directly tie what I do, what my people do, to keeping this country safe and keeping my family safe. I believe we have a very noble purpose and I find that very motivational. It is something that I genuinely feel, and that is the kind of tugging at the heartstrings of my workforce to make them feel such a critical part of the intelligence mission. It’s a good career.”

Read CNN’s profile on Tisinger.

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