Consular Affairs CIO Takes Short-term Reassignment

State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs Chief Information Officer Kirit Amin is taking a 120-day reassignment after citing frustration with senior management decisions and the refusal to change the way they work, he told Federal News Radio.

Amin, who has been CIO for four years, will work for State Department CIO Susan Swart in the short term while Haar Sandhu, his deputy at Consular Affairs, will replace him on an interim basis.

“The State Department is ruled by the foreign service. These guys go overseas and have a good time and come here and have no idea what they are doing,” he told Federal News Radio. “The agency is ruled by them, and even Secretary Hillary Clinton is starting to admit to that. I think the civil service employees are treated like doormats. You fight with them for what’s right and they can’t take it.”

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