Deploying cloud connectivity in federal agencies more securely

A new report details the challenges agencies see with cloud deployments and provides solutions to implementing a more performant and secure network architecture.
Operationalizing Trusted Internet Connection 3.0 in Public Cloud

Securing federal data, and the IT and cloud infrastructure that supports it, continues to drive key modernization strategies across federal agencies. For many agencies, using the Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) 3.0 architecture framework will be critical to secure internet traffic.

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But implementing TIC 3.0 in the public cloud is not without its challenges, according to a new report from Aviatrix.

The report looks at several key areas federal leaders will need to focus on as they implement federal cloud deployments because of high-level requirements, including:

  • Managing authorized users’ access to privileged functions and information
  • Blocking traffic from unidentified sources
  • Allowing traffic only from known proxy servers
  • Isolating departments within an organization and configuring specific security policies for each department
  • Controlling the visibility of traffic flows and security policy rules
  • Establishing end-to-end encryption to protect the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted information
  • Building alert and notification systems to immediately detect, identify, and report any threat

As TIC 3.0 is focused on connecting sites to public cloud providers, Aviatrix highlights the need for multi-cloud network architecture when addressing the above challenges. When architecting a multi-cloud network, the report recommends that government agencies consider a secure and optimal ingress/egress path with high-performance encryption, end-to-end segmentation, and high availability to ensure a proposed design meets compliance and technical requirements.

Learn more in the “Operationalizing Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) 3.0 in Public Cloud” report.

This article was produced by FedScoop for, and sponsored by, Aviatrix.

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