DHS Completes Human Capital Segment Architecture

The Department of Homeland Security recently completed its Human Capital Segment Architecture, a plan of action to guide human resources information technology investments and human capital business processes for the next five years, DHS Chief Information Officer Richard Spires said.

The plan identifies several “wins” for near-term efficiencies, as well as critical longer-term improvements to fill automation gaps and reduce redundancy in human resources IT projects.

“The HCSA also took an in-depth look at key business processes that when combined with enabling technologies represent the way work is done today,” Spires wrote on “The plan of action cites as many improvement opportunities in business processes as it does in technology. And for the first time, the vision for Human Capital is shared across all DHS Components. The HRIT Strategic Plan targeted for completion next month will reflect the goals and objectives that, over the next five years, will guide the Department’s HRIT investments.”

The HCSA plan of action addresses key efficiency issues and service improvements in DHS Human Capital by resolving:

  • Redundant, disparate, and aging systems investment and operations
  • Disjointed and non-interoperable systems and data
  • Heavy reliance on paper-based systems
  • Declining knowledge base in the HR workforce
  • Inconsistent communication and collaboration between HQ and Components
  • Poor integration among critical aspects of HR systems and services
  • Lack of timely access to accurate data and information at the Departmental levee

Said Spires:

The HCSA has been a watershed for expanding HR and IT communication channels between the Department and Components. Never before have the Department’s HR and IT communities worked together so closely for such an extended period of time. The long-term impact of this level of close collaboration on the Department’s function cannot be overstated. More than 130 DHS employees, including a Core Team of HR and IT thought leaders from every Component, a Planning Team of OCHCO and OCIO staff, plus HR and IT SMEs from across the Department, contributed. The Core Team met regularly face-to-face to validate analysis, share ideas, and explain their systems, making possible a giant leap forward in aligning and coordinating activity between HR and IT across DHS.

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