DHS to expand cyber workforce development

2012_03_dhs1The Department of Homeland Security will launch a new effort focused on further developing the cyber workforce, Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday during a meeting with industry and small business representatives at the White House.

The initiative, co-chaired by Jeff Moss and Alan Paller, will consider strategies that may include expanding DHS involvement in cyber competitions and university programs, enhancing public-private partnerships and working with interagency partners to develop an agile cyber workforce across the federal government.

“Today we face an increasing demand for the best and brightest in the cybersecurity field across industry, academia and government, said Secretary Napolitano. “DHS is committed to working with our partners at universities and throughout the private sector to develop the next generation of cyber professionals to protect against evolving cyber threats.”

Recently, Secretary Napolitano traveled to California where she spoke to students at San Jose State University on cybersecurity and expanding the cybersecurity workforce, as part of the DHS Campus Lecture Series.

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