DISA ‘reassessing’ major cloud contract

It turns out the cloud cover over the Pentagon may not be as thick or as high as the Defense Department’s network planners and contractors had hoped it would be.

The Defense Information Systems Agency, DOD’s enterprise network provider, announced last week it is taking a second look at the department’s $450 million commercial cloud computing contract due to lack of demand from Pentagon components and agencies.

DISA “is currently reassessing demand within the department for commercial cloud solutions meeting the DOD’s security requirements for hosting/processing government data,” the agency stated in a Nov. 8 posting on the contract’s Web page on “Initial indications are the demand will not require a contract with the ceiling estimated in this draft solicitation.”

According to the notice, the Pentagon is currently revising its acquisition strategy for commercial cloud-hosting services.


“This strategy may result in a solicitation for a new contract at a significantly lowered ceiling or the leveraging of contracts previously awarded which contain the appropriate scope for meeting this demand,” the announcement stated.

The Pentagon released a draft request for proposals in June, which called for commercial Infrastructure-as-a-Service, cloud-based storage, virtual machine, database, and Web hosting services.

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