DISA releases draft RFP for mobile management, app store

The Defense Information Systems Agency has issued a draft request for proposal for mobile device management and a mobile applications store.

According to DISA, the MDM capability should provide the application and user level “traffic cop” to enforce policy for network and end devices. The MDM institutes the policy, security and permissions that define the functions the user is enabled to conduct on the mobile device.

A unified MDM architecture secures, monitors, manages and supports accredited mobile devices across a range of DOD environments. MDM also supports over-the-air electronic software distribution of applications, remote data-wipe capabilities, remote device configuration management, and asset/property management capabilities protect against key and data compromise.

The mobile application store capability is an online digital electronic software distribution (system often part of the MDM.


Obtaining user application permission rights from the MDM, the MAS can deliver, update and delete applications on the mobile device without the user having to return the device for service.

The MAS operates in conjunction with the MDM system.

The objective of an Enterprise MAS is to optimize the functionality and distribution of mobile applications to mobile devices while minimizing replication, cost and downtime.

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