DISA releases warfighter services technical strategy

The Defense Information Systems Agency released its Global Information Grid Convergence Master Plan that outlines the agency’s technical strategy for providing services to the warfighter.

The strategy describes a process by which operational requirements and their associated information technology capabilities are organized into service offerings, the agency said. Emerging technologies and DISA’s technology roadmap are used to shape and influence the packaging of these service offerings and the development of technical solutions that are used to implement them.

The GCMP is divided into two volumes. The first is strategically focused and unclassified so that it can be widely distributed. It describes the overall structure of GIG development, based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology cloud computing paradigm.

The second is intended for a more restricted audience and contains the DISA technical baseline, which consists of three supporting documents for each service offering:

  • Service Offering Description (SOD), which documents the service offering at a high level and includes an operational concept (OV-1) drawing that illustrates the concept and addresses the major use cases, an explanation of the capabilities provided by the service offering, a high-level functional architecture, a description of the business model, and service-level objectives.
  • Technical Architecture Description (TAD), which describes the technical solution associated with a service offering and documents the functional architecture. The TAD includes a summary of requirements, structural diagrams, behavioral diagrams, and some brief explanations to provide context. Additionally, interfaces to other services are enumerated.
  • Engineering Design Specification (EDS), which documents the detailed design that will be used to implement the functional architecture. The EDS clarifies the details of the design. It includes a summary of design decisions, including how the solution will scale, will address data protection or security requirements, and will meet service-level objectives. It also specifies physical topology, hardware and software elements, and how they are to be configured.

Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) GIG Convergence Master Plan 2012

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