DISA to be DOD cloud services broker


The Defense Information Systems Agency was designated as the cloud services broker for the Department of Defense in the Pentagon’s new cloud computing strategy released on Wednesday.

In a memorandum to Pentagon leadership dated June 26, DOD Chief Information Officer Teri Takai established that DISA will perform cloud broker functions to achieve IT efficiencies and improved reliability through cloud service offerings, which signaled initial operating capability for the agency.

The designation of DISA as the DOD Enterprise Cloud Service Broker is intended to promote use of cloud computing services available within the government and private sector that provide the best capability at the lowest cost with the appropriate level of performance and security protections.


“As the DOD Enterprise Cloud Service Broker, DISA is tasked with making it easier, safer, and more productive to navigate, integrate, consume, extend and maintain cloud services, within the Department, from other Federal, and commercial cloud service providers,” the memorandum said. “The broker provides an organizational focus point to consolidate cloud service demand at an enterprise level, and negotiate for the best service usage rates across the DOD. The broker will enable DOD Components to tailor the availability and delivery of cloud services based on technical and mission requirements.”

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