Department of Commerce mulls IT support acquisition strategy

Vendors are being sought to offer support in six key areas.

The Department of Commerce wants industry’s input on a “potential acquisition strategy” for information technology support in six areas.

DOC issued a request for information Monday on the chief information officer’s Solutions and Partners (S&P) requirement, which aims to help the Office of Enterprise Services and Solutions provide IT departmentwide.

Specifically, the S&P draft statement of work seeks vendors able to deliver lifecycle support of websites, operations and maintenance support for legacy Minority Business Development Agency data, MBDA MedWeek and national conference support, Salesforce integration services, project management, and SharePoint support.

Vendors would be expected to take an agile approach improving existing solutions and developing new ones, regularly communicate project updates and work with agencies so they can request products.


Respondents are asked to submit performance measures, as well as potential pricing structures and contract types.

A solicitation may come out of the RFI with the intent of DOC making a contract award.

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