DOD Prepares to Release Cyber Rules of Engagement Report

The Department of Defense is developing rules of engagement for cyber warfare and is expected to issue a report in the coming weeks that outlines how the military should respond to cyber attacks.

The policy builds on the DOD’s Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace released last year, military officials said at a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday.

The panel included DOD Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs Madelyn Creedon, U.S. Cyber Command Commander and National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander and DOD Chief Information Teri Takai.

“We are working closely with the joint staff on the implementation of a transitional command and control model for cyberspace operations,” Creedon said. “This interim framework will standardize existing organizational structures and command relationships across the department and provide a blueprint for the application of the full spectrum of cyberspace capabilities.”

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