DOE Seeks Senior Cyber Advisor

The Department of Energy is seeking a senior cyber security technical advisor. The position pays between $84,697 and $165,300 per year and is based in Germantown, Md. The job opening will remain until February 27.

From the posting:

The Senior Technical Advisor for Cyber Security participates and collaborates with, and assists, the Director of the Incident Management Division and the Associate CIO in managing and directing the operations and functions and performs expert analysis and provides advisory, policy development, communications, and problem-solving and liaison support within and outside the department, particularly for national-level cyber security threats, vulnerability, and risk management issues.

Leads and interacts with highly technical teams of cyber security incident handlers and analysts who provide security monitoring, incident analysis, incident response activities, subject matter expertise, vulnerability identification and analysis, and central incident coordination, communication, and repository functions of the most advanced cyber security threats.

Closely monitors the cyber intelligence threat and risk management situation by obtaining and using all available automated and manual systems and serving as the DOE representative to other government organizations, including United States-Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT), Department of Defense (DOD), National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other appropriate elements of the USIC.

As directed, represents cyber security risk management to the rest of the Department, other agencies, management and operating contractors, Government laboratories and private industry. Provides expert advice, recommendations, and representation to higher DOE management levels on matters relating to cyber security risk, threat, and vulnerability management services, as well as the integration of cyber risk management requirements into the budget formulation and execution processes, policies and procedures for the organization.

Supports the execution of Special Projects to ensure interaction and planning with and among the DOE Cyber Incident Response Capability (DOE-CIRC), DOE Office of Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence, and the DOE Office of the Inspector General. Develops objectives, principles, policies, procedures and standards for planning and overseeing the centralized Departmental cyber threat identification/analysis and risk management operations and services that provide quality service to the Department’s customers.

Develops measures of, and assesses the health of cyber security operations and technical cyber security management processes. Supports development and implementation of a long-term vision of the cyber threat and analysis and risk management requirements. Develops and maintains road maps to describe the needed technical processes, personnel skill levels, facilities and equipment to achieve the vision. Develops implementation plans for customer-oriented initiatives and objectives in pursuit of the road map.

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