Federal agencies get green light for Instagram

Federal agencies just got access to another social media tool — and this one has filters.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and lets individuals take and share photos and videos with their social networks. On top of that, users can also add effects, known as filters, to make any photo look like professional quality.

The General Services Administration announced on its site that after negotiating with Instagram, amended terms of use have been agreed upon.

The Federal Social Media Registry now boasts more than 60 tools and apps with government compatible terms-of-service.


“Instagram can be used by federal agencies as part of an overall social and mobile strategy to ensure citizens can access valuable government content anywhere, anytime, on any device,” said Justin Herman, GSA’s social media program manager.

The White House has taken full advantage of Instagram recently, using it to document the first family’s trip to Africa. The account gained almost 100,000 followers with just 15 posts.

The Interior Department is close behind, with almost 60,000 followers. The department posts scenic pictures from all over the U.S., promoting protection of “America’s Great Outdoors and Powering Our Future,” according to the Instagram account.

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