Federal leaders share strategies for mission-critical modernization

Hear from federal and industry leaders who are at the forefront of integrating advanced technologies to elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations, as shown through a series of initiatives across different agencies.

In an era where technology and automation are transforming various sectors, federal agencies are embarking on ambitious modernization efforts to enhance their operations and mission outcomes.

In a new video series, “Breaking Through for Mission Advantage,” federal and industry leaders share their insights on how the strategic shift to integrated, software-defined IT platforms helped or will help agencies achieve greater mission outcomes.

The Defense Logistics Agency, under the guidance of Chief Information Officer Adarryl Roberts, is spearheading a digital business transformation initiative to streamline efficiency across its supply chain operations. This initiative includes various projects designed to leverage technology to improve the distribution, disposition and supply of critical materials ranging from subsistence goods to construction equipment. By embracing automation and developing a citizen developer program, the DLA enables operational innovations, directly impacting the speed and efficiency of its services.

Similarly, the Navy’s integration of a software-defined approach into its combat systems, highlighted by Cindy DeCarlo, director of global government education and national security at Cisco, signifies a shift toward more agile and secure defense operations. The approach facilitates quick adaptation to mission requirements and ensures enhanced security by consistently enforcing advanced security controls across the infrastructure.

Furthermore, the IRS’s technological overhaul, as shared by Kaschit Pandya, acting chief information security officer, illustrates the transformative power of IT investments in public service delivery. Modernization efforts have led to significant improvements in taxpayer services, including faster refunds, reduced call wait times, and heightened cybersecurity measures, showcasing the tangible benefits of embracing digital transformation.

At the General Services Administration, Ann Lewis, director of technology transformation services, highlighted the complexities of infrastructure modernization, including the importance of making hard choices about system features and functionalities during the modernization process. She advocated for a platform approach to overcome the siloed nature of government systems, stressing that it enables better scalability, simplifies user experiences and ultimately leads to more sustainable system costs.

In the DOD, Rob Vietmeyer, chief software officer, and Dave McKeown, deputy CIO, talked about software’s transformative power and cybersecurity modernization. Vietmeyer focused on the agility and operational efficiency gained through cloud computing, illustrating the department’s push toward rapid deployment capabilities and a more innovative operational approach. McKeown outlined key initiatives in cloud adoption, DevSecOps and zero trust architecture to combat advanced threats and ensure system resilience. 

The strategic shift toward integrated, software-defined platforms is not just about enhancing operational efficiency; it represents a fundamental rethinking of how federal agencies operate in the digital age, ensuring they remain agile, secure and capable of meeting the nation’s needs.

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