The future of work in a post-pandemic world

Agencies can future-proof mission services by using pandemic-related IT investments as a springboard for larger workforce modernization initiatives.
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The COVID-19 pandemic is pressuring federal agencies to embrace digital transformation at a faster rate than they have been accustomed to. While these quick changes present certain challenges, they may set many organizations on a path towards a more secure infrastructure, more productive workforce and ability to retain the necessary talent within public service, according to a new report.

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The good news for agencies is that they are not alone. Every organization has been undertaking digital transformation in some form for years. The pandemic has just given technology adoption all-new gravity and urgency.

A recent report, produced by OpenText, explores the possibilities and pitfalls of the future workforce and offers guidance for public service and critical infrastructure leaders. As the pandemic response has evolved, common trends are emerging among organizations to keep their workers safe and remain productive.

“Even industries that once held a siloed view of themselves are now looking more to their counterparts to evaluate what’s working,” says the report. “This kind of cross-industry collaboration and knowledge sharing will play a significant role in shaping the future of work for every industry.”

Whether or not these changes will continue after the immediate crisis ends is unclear. But the report predicts long-lasting lessons that will change how organizations operate moving forward, such as:

  • A “digital-first” strategy won’t be optional.
  • Technology will continue to be the cornerstone of business continuity and resilience.
  • Remote work will be much more common.
  • Building an innovation culture and mindset will be critical.

“Enterprise leaders must consider how they adapt their existing processes to continuously enhance their employee and customer experience,” the report says.

That will require agency leaders to be more proactive with technology changes that can equip them with actionable insights from their organization’s data and streamline systems function to ensure agency programs are flexible enough to support change.

“From the rise of cybersecurity attacks, data and compliance challenges, as well as the pressure to accelerate digital transformation, the future of work will be rooted in innovation, scalability and collaboration. The bottom line is these challenges will produce positive side-effects across industries,” the report says.

OpenText is a leader in enterprise information management — a solution that provides a comprehensive view of all information within the enterprise environment, both on-premise and in the cloud.

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This article was produced by FedScoop and sponsored by OpenText.

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