Geospatial Community Looking at Shared Infrastructure


There is a push inside the government geospatial information community to create a shared-infrastructure that will make it easier for agencies to publish large datasets to sites like, Environmental Protection Agency Geospatial Information Manager Jerry Johnston said at Wednesday’s AFCEA Energy & The Environment IT Day at the Bethesda Marriott.

“The reality is there is a high-barrier of entry to post large amounts of data that a number of agencies don’t possess,” said Johnston. “We’re at a point now where the technology changes make it possible to start looking at a shared infrastructure platform.”


Johnston said his office is looking to expand the way data is put online. Instead of just releasing data that is downloaded and put into a user’s own analytical engine, the focus is now on giving users the tools to do mash-ups and more cross-agency queries, something that could be beneficial to a shared infrastructure.

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