Good Technology’s Jeffrey Ait on mobile trends, overcoming roadblocks
Jeffrey Ait, director, public sector — Americas, Good Technology, discusses federal government mobility with FedScoopTV.


We’ve been working with the federal government for over six years, and the mobile devices have predominantly been focused on the BlackBerry up until this point as the only authorized device that was available. So we’re actually seeing more and more that the federal government wants to take advantage of some of the smartphone technology, open that up to a multivendor environment and then basically including the iOS, Android and Windows phone as well as BlackBerry devices, so that they can have a more multivendor, heterogeneous environment to be able to manage that. The focus on making sure that you can do that in a safe and secure fashion has really been the key element that has kept this thing from exploding and moving forward more rapidly. I think that the biggest challenge that we have today is not around technology; it really is around procurement and around some of the policy. Mobility is moving at rocket speed – the devices are changing all the time, the technology is evolving.

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