GSA launches 10th Center of Excellence with Library of Congress

The Contact Center CoE aims to improve responses to copyright inquiries with new technologies.
The Library of Congress' main reading room. (Wikimedia)

The Library of Congress’s Copyright Office will modernize its contact center capabilities as part of a new Centers of Excellence (CoE) project.

A CoE team within the General Services Administration‘s Technology Transformation Services will work with the library‘s Office of Public Information and Education to find gaps in service delivery and technologies that could streamline efforts.

The library is the tenth agency to partner with TTS on its CoE approach to modernizing information technology, after the Food and Drug Administration last did so in May.

“By focusing on experience, agencies can improve satisfaction, trust, and efficiency, and avoid lost opportunities,” said Bob DeLuca, director of TTS, in the announcement. “This contact center modernization effort reflects our partner’s commitment to their customers as the Contact Center CoE prioritizes access to consistent and accurate information in a timely manner.”


PIO responds to copyright inquiries, often by explaining registration policies and procedures.

The partnership with TTS, which sits within GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service, is part of the broader CoE initiative to accelerate IT modernization at federal agencies using government best practices and expertise and industry innovations. Applications, platforms, processes, personnel, and software solutions are all leveraged.

“The modernization of the federal government’s IT infrastructure and applications is an important priority for GSA,” said Julie Dunne, commissioner of FAS, in a statement. “The Centers of Excellence are a cornerstone in our IT modernization work at the Federal Acquisition Service.”

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