White House ‘We the People’ platform celebrates first birthday

We the People,” the White House’s online petition platform, celebrated its first birthday on Monday.

Since its launch last year, the platform has generated 3.4 million signatures from 2.8 million users, 39 percent of whom have signed a petition that has received an official response from the White House.

Wrote Erin Lindsay on the White House blog:

During its first year we’ve worked to continually improve We the People, not only by raising the signature threshold to so we can provide more timely and meaningful responses, but also working to include engagement opportunities for petition signers to connect directly with the Administration officials who have written their response. We’ve also worked through some technical issues, and have made the process of creating and signing petitions easier than ever. We’ve even released the source code powering We the People so that anyone can contribute features and fixes or install the application on their website.



'We the People' (Source: White House) ‘We the People’ (Source: White House)

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