HHS CTO Releases Open Gov Plan Update

Health & Human Services CTO Todd Park released a report yesterday outlining the agency’s successes in the past year with its Open Government Plan.

From Park:

Since its publication, HHS has received a wide range of comments and public input that have helped guide the implementation of the plan. HHS has used a variety of new communication strategies, including social media platforms, to engage, inform, and respond to the public.  During this period, HHS has made great progress in advancing transparency, collaboration, and participation at the Department, which in turn has helped us to more effectively and efficiently deliver on our mission of promoting the health and well-being of the American people. 

This memo highlights some of the most important developments in HHS’s Open Government Initiative in four key domain areas:  Leadership, Governance and Culture Change at HHS; Transparency and Data Sharing; Participation and Collaboration; and HHS Flagship Initiatives.


Full report

Health & Human Services Open Government Progress Report

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