IRS plans to award $2.6B app development contract in Q1 of fiscal 2023

The Enterprise Development, Operations Services contract will bring all 400-plus systems in the applications development portfolio under one vehicle.
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The IRS plans to release the request for quotation for its $2.6 billion applications development contract in June 2022 and award the contract in the first quarter of fiscal 2023, according to an agency spokesperson.

The Enterprise Development, Operations Services (EDOS) contract will bring all 400-plus systems in the IRS’s applications development (AD) portfolio under one vehicle while enhancing development, modernization and enhancement (DME) services and reducing operations and maintenance (O&M).

EDOS came out of the expectation that “massive” legislation will require the IRS to modernize assembly language code-based systems dating back to the 1960s, while delivering new web services and cloud-based solutions, according to a slide deck from the agency’s industry day Thursday.

“Scope enhancements will be defined to modernize applications in parallel with executing annual legislative demands and supporting [tax] filing season,” reads the Professional Services Council event description. “The level of effort for this agreement is anticipated to have a total contract ceiling of [$2.6 billion] over a seven-year period of performance.”


With EDOS, the IRS intends to enable both rapid, innovative acquisition and small business participation.

Contractors will be expected to provide support across six task areas: project and program management, agile portfolio management, DME, sustainment O&M, upgrades and configuration management, and transition services. AD methods will include waterfall, agile and DevOps.

Additional contractor skill requirements include experience developing fraud detection tools, identifying tax fraud schemes daily using network analytics, and detecting tax-related ID theft using fraud detection and clustering technology.

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