JAIC seeks help on preventative-maintenance initiative

In particular, the center is seeking input from industry on collecting "holistic" historical data about aircraft to feed into algorithms that will pinpoint when they will need to be taken offline.
H-60 Helicopter
A helicopter prepares for landing during flight operations aboard USS Lewis B. Puller. (U.S. Navy / Logistics Specialist Seaman Janny Sanchez)

The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center needs some help in collecting and better analyzing data that feeds into its “predictive maintenance” initiative, according to a recent request for information.

The request points out several challenges the JAIC has discovered in its initial work to find the most efficient way to schedule repairs of machinery. In particular, the center is seeking input from industry on collecting “holistic” historical data about aircraft to feed into algorithms that will pinpoint when the vehicles will need to be taken offline for maintenance. The overall goal is to better collect, maintain and ultimately use historical data and artificial intelligence to improve the readiness of the military’s aircraft.

Currently, the JAIC has marked H-60 helicopters with T700 engines as “pathfinders” in the program, but the center hopes to expand its use of AI on more aircraft in the future. “Predictive maintenance could save the military billions of dollars once properly implemented, according to a recent report from the Defense Innovation Unit, which has its own separate program on the issue.

“To ensure timely predictions for maintainers and planners, connecting datasets, executing models, and providing the output must occur in near real-time,” the RFI states. Execution in near real-time is another challenge the JAIC is seek partnership on with industry.


Potential responders should provided information about their familiarity with the H-60 helicopter to ensure they can effectively handle data collection procedures. Data will be collected from logbooks and in-flight sensors on helicopters, according to the RFI.

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