MorningScoop: Aneesh to Step Down and ‘Consequential’ DOD Budget Cuts

We had the whole MorningScoop written up late last night talking about the budget announcement at the Department of Defense and what do we learn?

Aneesh Chopra plans to step down today as Federal CTO.

We won’t say it’s completely shocking since Aneesh’s name has been bandied about as a candidate for Lt. Gov. of Virginia, where he served as CTO before coming to the White House in 2009. There’s also talk he could head Washington ops for a major tech company. As I’m writing this, we don’t know where he’s headed, but we’re sure we’ll learn either later today or in the coming weeks. There is, of course, lots to say about Aneesh (the man Jon Stewart called the “Indian George Clooney”), but more than anything else he brought a coolness to government technology with a passion like no one else. He’ll definitely be missed …

Budget comments from Ash Carter and the Army and Air Force Chiefs of Staff will be on the Pentagon Channel at 10 a.m. and noon respectively to discuss the budget …


DoD bloggers’ roundtable today at 2 p.m. …

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