MorningScoop: Happy Trails Aneesh and FedRAMP

Yesterday was the final day in the White House for Aneesh Chopra, the energetic federal CTO who released an Open Innovator’s Toolkit on his way out the door. Apparently, he doesn’t know you aren’t actually supposed to do anything on your last day except get congratulated for a job well-done.

We’re fascinated by what the future holds for Aneesh who, at age 39, still has plenty of career left. Rumors are either a high-profile job in the private sector or a foray into politics, the latter of which we think would be fascinating. Couldn’t you see Governor (or Senator or Secretary or President) Chopra some day? Political leanings aside, it’s hard to argue the guy doesn’t have a certain “it” factor when it comes to connecting with people that you have to think would serve him well on the campaign trail. Best of luck, Aneesh, on whatever you decide …

In case you missed it, late yesterday the GSA folks talked more FedRAMP

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