NASA Creates Catalog of Datasets at

NASA has created the Open Data project, a directory of publicly available datasets and tools to help the public search through the agency’s treasure trove of information, NASA’s Nick Skytland said in a blog post.

The catalog will be a continually-growing list of publicly available data sets and already includes more than 500 links grouped into nine broad categories all with tags to make them more searchable.

“We welcome public input on how to make this site better and encourage everyone to help us identify additional high-value datasets to add to the directory,” Skytland wrote. “Most importantly, by providing access to government data archives, we hope that citizens will be able to add value to raw data through the development of new mobile and web applications that re-use public data in innovative ways. We encourage you to explore and leverage the zettabytes of NASA raw open data and share with us what you discover and create!”


Full catalog at

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