Navy Releases Cybersecurity Strategy for FY11-13

2011_05_us_navy_logoThe Navy Chief Information Office released the department’s cybersecurity strategy for the next two years. The document outlines the IM/IT/cyberspace and IRM priorities of the Department of the Navy for the 2011 to 2013 fiscal years. You can view the complete document below.

From the document the state goals are:

  1. Sustain an operationally Effective, integrated, secure, and efficient IM/IT/cyberspace and IRM capability.
  2. Ensure protection of sensitive information, including personally identifiable information, and timely access to trusted authoritative information to enable Effective decision making and mission support.
  3. Attract, develop and retain a highly competent IM/IT/cyberspace and IRM Total Force.
  4. Ensure all IM/IT/cyberspace and IRM investments are Effective, efficient, planned, aligned, and acquired to support DON Enterprise strategies.


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