NIH looking to build iPad, iPhone apps

The National Institutes of Health issued a request for information seeking a pool of developers to create mobile applications for Apple’s iPad and iPhone.

The app aims to give the public access to NIH’s scientific findings, grant opportunities and news about environmental influences on the spread of disease.

From the request:

The contractor will lead a design meeting with various NIEHS representatives to seek input, discuss possible design components, and to understand basic requirements and features.

From this discussion, and using cost-appropriate industry best practices, contractor will develop two sets of distinct visual concepts that will accommodate the content formatting needs throughout the app. Each concept should take into account screen size differences between iPhone and iPad and will include app ‘logo’, landing page, main page(s), subpage(s), navigation, branding, typeface, and other elements.

NIEHS will select one for final development, and the contractor will subsequently provide up to four rounds of revisions. Any additional revisions required will incur an additional cost at the designer’s hourly rate.

While the scope of this contract is limited to iPhone and iPad application development, the design and layout, interface, and usability should utilize industry best practices to make porting to other platforms (android, windows phone, etc.) straightforward.

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