OPM launches interactive dashboard to boost workforce culture and engagement


Furthering her pursuit of a more engaged, higher performing federal workforce, Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta announced Tuesday a new federal dashboard rooted in Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey data to give agencies a deeper understanding of their employees.

Introduced as, the portal is an interactive tool for agency leaders to dig deeper into viewpoint survey and demographic data and use other human resources tools, like Enterprise Human Resources Integration data, for workforce insights. Archuleta wrote in an OPM blog post Tuesday that the dashboard will help leaders “better understand the data and it will give them the extra support they need to create the most effective engagement programs for their employees.”

Jonathan Foley, a director of planning and policy analysis for OPM, said before this tool, agencies would have to access multiple datasets on their own. But with OPM’s new dashboard, analyzing employee sentiment and managing the workforce becomes exceptionally easier.


“The value proposition for is that it: 1) combines multiple data sources in one easy to use tool; 2) is available online and on a variety of devices; 3) can be customized to include more data sources over time; and 4) uses the most current data visualization techniques to bring the data to life,” Foley wrote in an email to FedScoop. “This allows agencies a much clearer and more detailed look into their workforce which will allow them to design effective strategies to increase employee engagement and effectiveness.”

The first iteration of the dashboard was launched July 3 to agency deputy secretaries, chief human capital officers and performance improvement officers, though Foley said those officials have authority to distribute access as they see necessary. OPM is “encouraging agencies to provide access broadly to employees who would find this tool valuable in completing their agency missions as well as in cultivating a culture of engagement at their agency,” he said. But those outside the government or agency employees not granted access will have no luck typing “” into a browser.

To make a valuable asset in the modern, digital federal government, OPM uses “the latest data visualization tools to highlight key areas for action,” Foley said. To achieve that standard, the office built the dashboard in collaboration with representatives from 14 other agencies “who provided key advice on design of the system and helped test its features,” he said.

For those with access to the dashboard, the site is an iterative work in progress and may change from time to time. Foley said OPM is making “sure that [it’s] responsive to user needs and that the tool can change over time to meet those needs.” OPM is also working with agencies on future iterations that will incorporate more functionality and data sources, including the ability for agencies to upload their own data, he said.

The dashboard serves as another OPM tool to satisfy the President’ Management Agenda priority of “People and Culture,” a innovative workforce initiative for which the office recently released a plan of action. Like the IT tools mentioned in that progress report, Foley said “is designed to be a resource that can assist agencies in making data-driven decisions to maximize and drive employee engagement and performance.”


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