Sequestration countdown: 100 days

With the threat of sequestration hanging over the federal government, each day FedScoop compiles all the news surrounding this important issue until a budget deal is reached or the deadline to stop sequestration passes.

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The Lead

Nearly one million small business jobs nationwide are at risk with sequestration, according to a new study from George Mason University’s Center for Regional Analysis.



“The last thing this country can afford is legislative trickery like automatic sequester cuts that knock the legs out from underneath small and minority businesses that generate 90 percent of new jobs every year. Sequestration budget cuts set to hit in January will destroy a total of over 2 million American jobs, half in smaller businesses. The uncertainty has already caused business owners to stop hiring. It will take bipartisan agreement to repeal sequestration and replace it with a smarter approach to the budget and debt reduction. Let’s not put small businesses on the chopping block.”

– Roger A. Campos, President and CEO, Minority Business Roundtable


Sequestration would cut $538 million from domestic HIV/AIDS programs.


Air Force: OMB ambiguous on commissary budget cuts.

Sequestration will undermine American interests in the Middle East, according to a report.

Sequestration threatens Portsmouth (Maine) Naval Shipyard jobs and workload.

How would sequestration affect the States?

Official: Sequestration threatens tanker deal.


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