Takai: DoD to Close 44 Data Centers by End of FY11

The Department of Defense plans to close 44 data centers by the end of this fiscal year, CIO Teri Takai said.

Takai outlined the department’s IT reform milestones in a blog post where she said the department has already closed eight data centers since the Office of Management and Budget’s 25-Point Plan to Reform Government IT was published.

Two other highlights:

  • DoD uses investment review boards and other process reviews to meet OMB’s TechStat review requirement. “I find these senior level reviews to be important and effective tools in addressing underperforming IT investments,” Takai said. “As a result of one recent DoD program review, we reduced the scope of the project to focus on areas that are more likely to yield successes.”
  • One of the major workforce initiatives underway is the IT Exchange Program where the department partners with industry to share best practices, learn and gain a better understanding of each other’s IT problems, Takai said. “Through ITEP, both sectors can learn from each other on how to address some of these shared challenges where private sector and DoD employees perform detail assignments from 3 months to a year working collaboratively on projects,” Takai said.

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