Tools to help federal agencies move to the cloud

With new demands and new technology pushing agencies to adopt cloud services, identity and access tools are key to ensure compatibility, security and data protection.
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Government agencies are modernizing their IT systems and making upgrades to legacy systems at a rate like never before. This doesn’t come without its challenges — moving to the cloud will also require strategies that address compatibility, security and data protection across the enterprise infrastructure.


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Two major expectations are driving these changes; changing customer demands and the desire of leaders to “do more with less,” according to a recent Okta white paper.

“Government agencies traditionally rely on an IT footprint that is very different from the private sector. Budgets, regulations, security concerns, scale and the nature of the user base all contribute to the diverse needs government IT personnel must consider,” the report says.

While some critical processes run through newer cloud-based systems, while others may be run on legacy solutions.

That makes it difficult for agencies to respond to three of the core challenges to secure information sharing today:

  • Security and ease of access
  • Scalability
  • Integrability

The report explores simplifying authentication and access using a cloud-enabled identity platform that weaves security across all systems — regardless of location, creator, function or the information it touches — all while being agile, efficient and scalable.

Moreover, centralizing access controls allows agencies to grant end users useful self-service options and automate time-consuming authentication tasks such as password reset requests and provisioning.

“Finding a mix of solutions that satisfy employee needs, meet public demands and work well together is a challenge that IT stakeholders run up against on a daily basis,” the report says.

Okta offers a variety of modern authentication solutions in its suite of FedRAMP-authorized and CAC/PIV-enabled tools.

Learn more about Okta’s government solutions and how they are helping agencies meet today’s authentication needs.

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