Virtualization key to a more mobile VA

Virtualization is the best and most economical way to bring mobile solutions to the agency, Department of Veterans Affairs Client Security and Mobile Director DJ Kachman told FedScoop in a recent interview with FedScoop Radio.

“From what we’ve seen so far, [virtualization] allows us a greater degree in the mobile services we offer,” Kachman said.

Kachman said everyone wants the ability to do work remotely, but the key will be finding the right mobile device to best assist the agency’s mission.

“Ultimately, there will be some flexibility on the type of devices whether it be an iPad, Android, laptop or what have you,” Kachman said. “Something we’ll be looking at is seeing how technology matures and what devices and platforms best mirror the mission of our employees.”


As for challenges, it comes down to security, Kachman said, especially with non-Windows devices, as security solutions for those types of products is not yet where it needs to be when it comes to handling agency data.

“We’re seeing a maturing in that area where, in six to 12 months, the technology will be there so we can confidently hand someone one of those devices and be as protected as if we handed them a Windows laptop.”


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