White House, academics zero in on big data

With big data gaining more momentum across all the sectors, the White House along with education institutions this week shone the spotlight on some of the social, cultural and ethical aspects of this rapidly sweeping trend.

The Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Data & Society Research Institute, and New York University co-hosted the second in a series of public events focused on big data. The event wrapped up with a public plenary session, featuring a discussion on topics such as privacy, the use of genetic data, educational applications, and financial inclusion.

The third event will be held April 1, in Berkeley, Calif., and will be co-hosted by OSTP and the School of Information at the University of California at Berkeley and the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology. The workshop will focus on the values and governance issues raised by big data technologies.


All these events fall under the Obama administration’s bigger effort  to review the implications of collecting, analyzing and using massive or complex data sets for privacy, the economy and public policy.

You can find more information about the workshop and the webcast here.

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