White House: ‘Do Not Track’ important to consumer privacy

Twitter’s announcement that it will support the new “Do Not Track” feature on web browsers, which gives users one-click control over whether or not Twitter keeps track of which websites a person visits, is an important step in the Obama Administration’s strategy to encourage more consumer privacy protections on the internet, the White House Office said in a blog post on Saturday.

U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Internet Policy Danny Weitzner said the “Do Not Track” effort shows that collaboration amongst business, privacy advocates, technical experts, academics, standards organizations and government can lead to development of technologies that make the Internet more responsive to privacy needs.

“As much as people use and love the internet and other digital technology, there has been a growing concern that rapid advances in technology can lead to an erosion of personal privacy,” he said. “As the Internet evolves, maintaining consumer trust is essential for the continued growth of the digital economy.”

He continued, “Since the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights was announced, the internet community has pushed forward with new technology that makes more individual control a reality for millions of users. Every day online companies are developing new services that make innovative uses of personal data, and we’re pleased to see this same innovation applied to managing personal privacy.”

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